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This is our racing league.  The guys here are fun, clean racers, gentlemen, and most importantly all friends.  It just doesn't get any better than this, folks.

These guys race with us at High Octane Racing. AJ and Chris are some of the nicest guys and cleanest racers you'll meet.

SG3's Overspray.  This is SG3's site dedicated to their unparalleled talent and passion for painting car and truck schemes for NR2003.




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"Go Faster" by Heath Johnson


This video was compiled from replays of practice races and simple "for fun" races.  The video is 9 minutes long and packed with action!  Enjoy it!

We are not trying to "compete" with anyone else on being the best Nascar Racing Series website. My limited HTML knowledge wouldn't allow that anyway.  It simply started with 2 friends racing online.  We all have lives, we love to fish and race...  So, let's go racin' boys!

Currently, Dan Chew and Heath Johnson are competing at
High Octane Racing. The league has multiple divisions of racing, each broken into 4 "mini" seasons throughout the year.

Dan Chew is currently competing in the:

Sunday Thunder Division - racing the #14 Chew's Plumbing Service Chevy

Monday Outlaws Division - racing the #14 Chevy Camaro.

Tough Trucks Division - racing the #14 Chew's Plumbing Chevy.

He began racing online with Nascar Racing 3 and has been guilty, just as the rest of us have, of buying computers that will run the games he just purchased. In other words, once Nascar 4 arrived and he realized his current computer and it's limitations didn't allow him to enjoy the game in all it's glory, he bought a new computer. Dan has also been involved with High Octane Racing League since Nascar 4 and currently competes in two of its divisions. He is the proud owner or a Trackstar 6000 Racing Wheel and Pedals manufactured by ECCI. He built a simulator, inspiring Heath to do the same, in the Summer/Fall of 2004. Dan has also thrown out his traditional monitor and uses and projector from BENQ and a rear projection screen (which doubles as his simulator windshield).

Dan has one championship, winning it in the Fall 2005 Season of the Pro Stock Series.  He drove in a Chevy sponsored by Chew's Plumbing Service.

Heath Johnson is currently competing in the:

Sunday Thunder Division - racing part time in the #07 Big Johnson Racing Dodge Charger.

Tough Trucks Division - racing the #07 Big Johnson Dodge Ram

Heath Johnson has one championship, winning it in the Summer of 2003 in a Dodge sponsored by Pizza King.

Heath Johnson started computer racing back when Papyrus released
"Indy 500", using his P1, 25 mhz computer! He soon tried F1 GP by Microprose and was thankfully rescued with the release of Nascar Racing Season by Papyrus. Nascar Racing 2 soon followed and some brilliant human being figured out how to modify the car bodies into Craftsman Trucks. Another handy utility hit cyberspace to convert Nascar 1 tracks over to Indy Car Racing 2 tracks. Indy cars at Talladega was something to see and feel. Nascar 3 followed and a buddy introduced me to racing online. I started painting cars back with Nascar 1, but it took on a new dimension once it became easier to paint cars externally and import them into the game. I also began racing in a few leagues with Nascar 3. Painting was taken to a new level for me with Nascar 4. I was thrown out of a league known at the time as Viper Racing League on the heels of many others quitting. One of those drivers, Rick Hogue, knew the real deal and asked me if I'd be interested in racing with 8 or 10 of his friends. That's how my involvement with the High Octane Racing League began. What started out as a few guys swapping paint on the weekends, grew into a league. The league and my involvement have lasted through NR2002 and NR2003 (the current and last Papyrus) title. In the summer of 2004, I decided to build a simulator to enhance my experience (the advantages of being single). Today, I am finishing my masters degree, I teach high school, coach, and race as often as I can. I have painted quite a few cars for friends over the years and will be displaying some of my work here.

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